Monday, August 18, 2008


Okay, okay I know you're reading this blog because I get emails from you telling me you're reading this here thing.

But, and you know, there's always a but, I wish you weren't so damn shy!

That's right, I'm asking, no I'm begging you, please write a comment. You can, it's open to anyone and I'd love to read them.

It just breaks my heart that I have zero comments.

Do you really want to make a blond cry? Wait, don't answer that!


a friggin genius said...

Don't cry. Here you go, a perfectly good, Extra Large, Grade A, farm-raised comment. A lot of people are weird, as you probably know already. Hope you find that elusive roommate. Good luck!

JO said...

I like these stories. no, seriously, I like em. too bad this hasn't been updated in a year.